Chain Guardians: The Rando Journies

Screenshot from the Chain Guardians Game Launcher

In preparation for implementing the reward loop, the team asked the community about the difficulty of the currently released beta version. I could have simply told them it took me five days of claiming free randomized characters before playing and that I completed most of the first world in a single sitting, but that’s boring. Instead I threw together this fluff piece.

For those who don’t already know, Chain Guardians is an anime and cryptocurrency/blockchain inspired turn based strategy game which is currently available in beta. Though it is based on blockchain technology, it looks and plays like a traditional game.


Not a game image. This is an edited image of the World Select Screen

This is the story of The Randos and their quest to save planet Bitcoin. These four soldiers, and their trusty android Bob, were determined to save the world. They boldly heeded Bitsee’s call and charged blindly towards their inevitable doom!

Starting Team Stats

Emboldened by their easy victory the first round, they charged forward without rest! Though the enemies seemed endless, they persevered through the second battle!

Screenshot from Bitcoin Stage 1–3

Having proven their metal, they faced a truly fearsome foe! A monstrous machine whose actions were unknowable without the magical floating symbol above its head! Though two of them nearly fell, they were victorious in the end.

Having grown strong, the fourth battle was a breeze. They continued on with confidence. Finding themselves able to defeat two Mechs without stopping to catch their breath, they began to wonder if saving the world would be easier than expected.

Screenshot from Bitcoin Stage 1–6

As they waded through the endless foes, they were greeted with a surprise. The next squad they encountered was let by an attractive young woman. As was inevitable with a team full of men, they all stumbled over themselves trying to hit on her. While a single slap was nearly enough to stun the squad’s earth element fighter, there was little she could do while out numbered. She had no choice but to pretend to be asleep and ignore their advances.

Stage Selection Screen showing the monsters you will face.

After the shock of fighting another human wore off, the squad continued their advance. Two battles later they learned an unsettling truth when they encountered twins of the girl they fought earlier. They realized the girl was in fact a mass produced robot known as Celia. Fighting the pair was almost too much for the team to handle.

Screenshot from Bitcoin Stage 1–9

Before they could fully catch their breath, another girl appeared. With a blur of punches she obliterated Bob, the team’s loyal droid! An even bigger surprise was that she really was HUMAN!

Chain Guardian’s In Game Summoning Screen.

Now down a man, the team had no choice but to randomly recruit a daily stranger. Sure he was level one, but who cares! The rest of them were level 19 and everyone needs at least one red, or in this case green, shirt!

(The picture above does not show the actual unit I used)

Screenshot from Bitcoin Stage 1–10.

The girl who had merely retreated last time was back, and she was accompanied by a bear! As expected the newbie didn’t even make it through the first wave, but that was for the best. He’d be fine in 48 hours, and he was too green to face another human. The battle was unbearable! A second fighter was knocked out, and a third was wobbling on his feet. They won though! And the newbie gained 20 levels to boot!

Victory Screen following stage 1–10.

There was one battle left, after hearing of the teams accomplishments, Bitsee wanted to spar. They decided it was best to wait until they were healed.

Stage Selection Screen for the final stage of Planet Bitcoin.

Through their 10 battles, the team had grown strong. They will undoubtedly prove their worth to Bitsee in the future!

Team Level after each stage
Ending Team Stats

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Software Engineer who dabbles in fiction, TV/Movie reviews, and crypto gaming

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Software Engineer who dabbles in fiction, TV/Movie reviews, and crypto gaming

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